Over 20 Years of Experience in Special Fertilizers

USAGRO, is a leading company with many years of experience in special fertilizers. We set out with a mission to provide the highest quality and effective fertilizer solutions to the customer and we are constantly moving forward on this path.

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Special fertilizers are vital for the efficient growth of plants. Based on this awareness, we offer special fertilizers by combining modern technology and scientific research.

We act together with our expert team, universities and research organizations. By closely following the current developments in the agricultural sector, we strive to offer products demanded by the market every day. We prefer and use technologies that will not harm agricultural productivity, soil and water resources. Considering the principles of plant nutrition and sustainability, we develop and improve our special fertilizers every day.

Quality and customer satisfaction are the core values of purchasing preference. With our customer-oriented approach, we offer fertilizer solutions tailored to the needs and demands of each of our customers.

Supporting sustainable agriculture, protecting natural resources and increasing soil fertility is a key component of our mission. Therefore, we ensure that they maintain the natural balance with sustainable production methods to minimize plant nutrition problems.

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Reliable and effective fertilizer solutions in the agricultural sector

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With more than 20 years of experience in the field, we are committed to providing reliable and effective fertilizer solutions to the expectations of the agricultural sector.

We are proud to always stand by our customers with our approach based on the principles of quality, efficiency and sustainability.

We owe a debt of gratitude to all our sales points that prefer us. Our goal is to maintain our pioneering role in the agricultural sector. With our products, we are determined to increase productivity in agricultural areas and leave a healthier world to future generations.

As an indicator of our expertise, we aim to transfer the experience and knowledge we have gained over the years to new generations. We closely follow innovations in fertilizer technology through continuous research and development activities.

Understanding the needs of customers and providing solutions to their demands are among our primary goals. We provide consultancy services for field analysis, assessment of plant nutrition requirements and sustainable production. In this way, we determine the most suitable special fertilizers for each of our customers and achieve 98% customer satisfaction.

All our products are tested with strict quality control measures and designed for maximum impact.

In line with our sustainability values, we work hard to protect natural resources and soil health. In our products, we take measures in waste management and energy consumption to minimize the negative impact on the environment. We prefer environmentally friendly components in fertilizer technologies and thus take care to keep the natural ecosystem in balance.

We are grateful to our customers who prefer us.

If it is not in the world, know that what you are looking for is in USAGRO.